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Reiki Two Course

Reiki Two

Is the next stage on your Reiki path, to further your enlightment to the universal life force energy and increase your intuition and self-awareness and bring you even closer to your Reiki guides.

This level in your manual you will have to learn three symbols.

The first one is for transmitting Reiki over distance, space and time. The second is the power symbol it increases the power and intensity of the Reiki being channelled. The third symbol is traditionally associated with mental and emotional healing also helps to deal with the cause of many physical problems.

You will receive four attunements which is where I Joseph Poskitt (Reiki Master) opens you up to Reiki by the means of implanting Reiki symbols to your crown chakra and your third eye (forehead) chakras also your hand chakras, which allows the universal life force energy to flow in through your crown to your hand chakras. you are only attuned when you have studied and learned and are comfortable with the symbols and are able to use them on your clients.

You receive a Reiki Two manual and a certificate.

Once you are attuned to Reiki Two you can start charging your clients, after a period of time or when you feel ready to do your Mastership you will know when you are ready.

To make a booking ring 07851 236063 one of our staff will take your call to arrange a date, time and give you more information if required. A deposit of £75.00 is required.


You can send a message on (Guest Form page) to make a booking for Reiki Two Courses please leave your name and telephone number.

Price is £195 

We also take all major Debit and Credit cards.

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