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Reiki Treatments

Reiki is totally positive and could never do any harm to a living. For anyone who is ill, in pain or emotional distress Reiki helps. For healthy people Reiki relaxes and rejuvenates. Reiki balances Charkas and increases the flow of life force energy.

See page 'What is Reiki' for more information.

Before the treatment start all clients have to fill in a consultation form.

The treatment last about one hour, you lay on a Reiki bed full clothed. We play soft music, it helps you relax before the treatment starts.We talk to you and tell you everything that is going to happen throughout the treatment. In the comfort of our therapy room.The treatment is hands on healing.

Relax and enjoy!!!!!!

Treatment start from £30.00

Book Two Treatments for £50.00 (£10.00 off)

Book Three Treatments for £75.00 (£15.00 off)

Plus a Free Reiki Gratitude Stone.

We take all major Debit and Credit cards.

The Angelic Reiki Company thanks you for booking a Reiki treatment.

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