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The Reiki Stone Shop

The Reiki Stone Shop as a variety of Stones and Crystals which as been attuned by Joseph Poskitt Reiki Master, from Gratitude, Love, Dream, and many more watch this space.

The Reiki Gratitude Stone.

A Reiki Gratitude Stone is a stone of the earth which as been attuned to Reiki by Joseph Poskitt Reiki Master, it enables you to be grateful for all of your life experiences Good or Bad and gives healing in your life, to make space for all the good things to come into your life.

Carry your Reiki Gratitude Stone with you always and let its magic work for you.


Price £6.99 

With your Reiki Stone you receive a gold pouch to carry your Stone in and a information card which tells you what to do,Enjoy!!!

Melissa's Dream Stone.

My daughter Melissa Jayne Poskitt came to live with us in Nottingham after recovering a illness in Barnsley. Melissa came to work with me and be attuned to Reiki. Before Melissa had time to do her Reiki she past away on 28-5-2011. Prompting us to call the stones Melissa's Dream Stone.

The stones we are using is a Amethyst it is know as a spiritual stone, it as been attuned to Reiki by Melissa's father Joseph Poskitt Reiki Master.

The stone is for general healing and meditation, stress and tension. A piece of Amethyst under your pillow promotes intuitive dreams and also relieves insomnia and helps in the times of grief. Also protects against toxic effects, acne, blood disease, smooths and calms the mind, raises the spirit. Protects from negative vibrations.

So carry the stone with you through the day and under your pillow when you go to bed. It will only work for sleeping and good dreams when it is under your pillow.

Blessings and Sweet Dreams.


With your Dream Stone you receive a pouch to carry your stone in, and a information card which tells you what to do.

Enjoy your peaceful nights.

The Reiki Love Stone

Rose Quartz crystal as been attuned to Reiki by Joseph Poskitt Reiki Master.

The stone as a Calming and Soothing energy, it promotes self-love and helps overcome feelings of not being good enough, self-criticism and resentment. It re-minds us that when you Love yourself and are Happy in the moment there is no haste, the Reiki Love Stone embraces the one true currency of life, Love.

Carry your Reiki Love Stone with you and let the magic begin and turn your life around for the better.


With your Stone you receive a carrying pouch and a information card. Enjoy the change in your life and begin to live a better life !!!!

 Love and Light-Joseph Poskitt-Reiki Master.

 We take all major Debit and Credit cards.

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