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Reiki One Courses

Reiki One

Is a introduction to Reiki, The Principles of Reiki, The meaning of Reiki and the History. We show you how Reiki works and how it helps.

Guidelines for Reiki treatments and giving treatments, also how Reiki works with other Holistic therapies.

Your first Reiki experience! you receive four attunements which is where i Joseph Poskitt (Reiki Master), opens you up to Reiki by the means of implanting Reiki symbols into your top (head) and your third eye (forehead) chakras. Also your hand chakra, which allows the universal life force energy to flow in through your top chakra through to your hand chakra. This procedure makes you ready to enjoy Reiki and to do treatments on your self, family members and friends.

You also receive a Reiki one manual and a certificate.

To make a booking ring 07851 236063 one of our staff will take your call to arrange a date ,time and give you more information if required. A deposit of £50.00 is required.


You could go on to the (Guest From page) put your details down plus your telephone number and we will ring you back.


Book Now!!! Price £125.00

Please leave your telephone number.

We also take all major Debit and Credit cards.

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