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Reiki Masters Course

Reiki Masters

Congratulation, I celebrate with you your decision to be a Reiki Master. I am sure that the Master's initiations will be a catalyst for many changes in your life.

You are familiar with the love and power of Reiki, it gives me immense joy to pass on the final empowerment to you.

Reiki is much needed in our world, the more people who can connect with this wonderful energy the better. I am sure that you will share your knowledge of Reiki in many ways, and if you teach Reiki to others you will then have some idea how happy I am to share Reiki with you.

You will receive four attunement on this level, a manual and certificate also you are added to Dr Mikao Usui Lineage.

In your manual there is your last Reiki symbol which is the teachers symbol, that you use when attuning people, also in your manual there is sections on Reiki Techniques, The Power Ball, Visualisation, Colour Healing, Psychic Surgery and The Reiki Initiation Process on all three levels of Reiki.

Honour your footsteps as you walk along the Reiki path, remember you are never along, with each step you have the Love, Guidance and Protection of your Guides and Angels.

To make a booking ring 07851 236063 one of our staff will take your call to arrange a date, time and give you more information if required.

A deposit of £150 is required.


You can send a message on (Guest Form page) to make a booking for Reiki Masters course please leave your name and telephone number.

Price is £350 

We also take all major Debit and Credit cards.

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