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Reiki is said to have originated in Tibet a thousand years ago.

The Reiki symbols in Sanskrit, were used in meditation by Tibetan monks,painted on hangings for the holy men to focus on.

Modern Reiki owes its source to one man. Dr Mikao Usui. He re-established this ancient healing method and named it Reiki. In the mid 1800 Dr Usui was the Dean of a small Christian university in Kyoto, Japan. His students one day asked him 'how Christ had headed'. Feeling that he could not answer their questions, he resigned from his position in search for answers.

He travelled to the United States and studied for a theology degree in Chicago, but still found no answers. Dr Usui thought about the relationship between Jesus and Buddha and wondered if the teachings of Buddha would give clues. He returned to Japan and studied in Buddhist monasteries. Dr Usui only found information on how on how Buddha healed the spirit.

Eventually he had some encouragement from the Abbott of a Zen monastery, who seemed to think that anything that had been done once could be done again. Dr Usui then learned Chinese and studied Chinese Sutras, but still failed to find the answers.

Dr Usui decided to learn the ancient Sanskrit language in order to read the Tibetan scrolls, and it was from these that he finally felt that he had the intellectual answers to is questions. He returned to the Abbott to ask for advice on how he might find empowerment. They meditated and both concluded that Dr Usui should fast and meditate for 21 days.

Dr Usui went to Mount Kuri Yama, faced east and gathered 21 stones ( which he used as a calendar).On the 21st day, at the darkest hour, Dr Usui prayed for the answer. He saw a flicker of light coming towards him and his first instinct was to run! But determined to find the answer he remained still as the light came towards him and struck him and struck him on the third eye. Dr Usui thought he was dead. He saw millions of rainbows/coloured bubbles, which slowly turned white, each with a symbol inside, they passed slowly through Dr Usui for him to register.

Dr Usui was so excited, he ran down the mountain to share his experience with the Abbott. As he raced down the first of four miracles happened. Dr Usui tripped and stubbed his big toe, instinctively he held it, the pain and bleeding stopped. Once down the mountain, he stopped for a full meal without feeling ill, he healed a bad toothache at the inn, then healed an arthritis attack at the monastery.

Dr Usui worked with the beggars in Kyoto for seven years. Then one day he recognised the face of a beggar and asked why he was back. He found that the beggars had been returning to their old ways of life because they couldn't accept responsibility of life not being a beggar. Dr Usui wept and concluded that he should also have been teaching about responsibility and gratitude. He realised the importance of energy exchange healing the spirit as well as the physical.

Dr Usui developed the principles of Reiki and began to teach all over Japan. The symbols that he had seen became clear to him, as did the process to attune people to Reiki.

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